Dark IV History:


 -June 2005: Angel Savage leaves the band Alsion

- Summer 2005: Angel Savage (Ex- Alsion), Alex Denk (Ex- Eternia), und Tobi Schwenk ( drummer of Alsion) agree to join and carry on with Alex's project "Dark Rose".

- October 2005 - Summer 2006: Old songs were re-worked and new ones were written. The Album with the title of "Chapter I" was recorded in the "Dark Angel Studio" . The entire album was played solely by Tobi and Angel.

- Autum 2006: Together with Mikkey Baumann (Bass) and Ulli Kessler (Drums) the band starts to plan out and prepare for their first live concert.

- 10/31/2006: Official release of the album "Chapter I" under the record label "Dawnlight Music". Live concert at the "Rock It" in the city of Aalen. (together with the bands "Trick or Treat" and "The Armada") This was the only concert to feature the following line-up: Alex Denk: Vocals. Tobi Schwenk: Guitar.Angel Savage: Guitar.Mikkey Baumann: Bass.Ulli Kessler: Drums. Shortly before the concert Alex and Ulli made it known that they would be leaving the band. Shortly after Alex and Ulli leave Mikkey also leaves and joins the band "Drastic Violence" as the lead singer. Due to the loss of the band members and after more problems "Dark Rose" was dropped from the record label "Dawnlight Music".

- End of 2006: to avoid copyright problems the band drops the name "Dark Rose" and settles on the new name of "Dark IV". (R.I.P. Dark Rose).The search for new band members begins. Angel Savage swtiches over from guitar to six-string bass.The surviving members of "Dark IV" Tobi and Angel begin with the work on the album titled "Chapter II - Isolation.

- February 2007: With Mark Phantom (Ex- "Teutonic", "Shades Of Grey", "Parchment", "Metal Witch") the search for the right singer for "Dark IV" was finally over.

- Early 2007: songwriting for and recording of "Chapter II - Isolation began at "Dark Angel Studio”.Even this album was recorded and played (all music entirely) by Tobi and Angel.

- July 2007: Mark Phantom begins the vocal recordings for "Chapter II - Isolation. He is being assisted by our American friend Mike Gonzalez (Metal Witch). He is overseeing and helping with the vocal recordings. He is also doing background vocals for the album.

- August 2007: Armin Seitz joins the band as the new drummer.

- August 2007: Initialization and release of the official "Dark IV" website (and also a page on myspace.com). Four songs from the new album are released on the band's website and are now available for download.

- November 2007: Release of“Chapter II - Isolation” .The Album goes online for free download.

March 2008: Dark IV begins with the preparations for the third album.

End of 2008: Mark Phantom leaves the band because of health reasons.

Beginning of 2009: Tobi and Angel are working on the new album “Chapter III - Age Of Ignorance” (with the help of Mike Gonzales).in parallel we searching constantly for a worthy new singer.

End of 2009: Benjamin Silver which in the meantime also stands behind the microphone of “Stormhammer”, joins in Dark IV.

Beginning of 2010: The song admission begin.Lyrics and melodies are reworked again.

April 2010: Jaqueline Klemmer comes to Dark IV as a support on the keyboard.

May 2010: Tobi, Angel and Ben finished the recordings of Chapter III.With Martin Schwenk we found the right man to take the post of the bass - player. Angel Savage swtiches over from bass to guitar.

June 2010: We have finished our third album and hope to find the suitable label to be able to start again with Dark IV!



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