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June 2010:


……it’s done!

We are glad to be able to inform you that now our third album "Chapter III - Age of Ignorance" is finally finished after 2 hard years! Now we are in search for a suitable label to release our album.To make this waiting period a bit shorter for you, today here’s already the new version of “Broken Dreams” on myspace.com, which also will be part of the album.Finally we could complete our line-up. With Martin Schwenk (Bass) and Jaqueline Klemmer (Keyboard) we found the right members which will support us from now. Welcome to Dark IV!We’ve also updated our Homepage with informations about the new band members. Enjoy it!Now it’s also time to thank our worldwide circle of fans on myspace.com, which has held the loyalty to us, even in difficult times. We also have to thank everyone, who has supported us in any way and have made this possible. Without you, we would’t be so far!

Special thanks to Mike Gonzales, Kimmy, Kathrin Miarka , Rod and David Paul!

As soon as there are more news, you will surely find them here!

Dark IV

May 2010:

We are glad to be able to announce that we have completed our Song admissions on the last weekend. The completion of the Album is on the final level and today we may already introduce to you the songs of "Chapter III - Age of Ignorance":

…welcome to the World of Ignorance (Intro)

Age of Ignorance

Something wicked this Way comes

Broken Dreams

Duel of Fates


Ground Zero

Judgement Day Pt. II

Long Way to Freedom

Fallen Heroes

Quest of Life


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See you soon!

Dark IV

January 2010:

“Dark IV” are back! Yes sir after a long hiatus we are back and we want to let you know what's happened and what's going on in the “Dark IV” camp.
At the end of 2008 “Mark Phantom” left the band due to health reasons. He and “Mike Gonzalez“have started their own project called” Infinite Ascension“and hope to complete an album by the end of the year.                                                    
After Mark's exit began the search for a new singer, which turned out to be a very long and drawn out process. Parallel to the search for a singer began the work for the next album titled “Chapter III - Age Of Ignorance" in the “Dark-Angel Studio”. With a lot of help from “Mike Gonzalez“we crafted the concept for our new album back in Autum of 2009, which is now set in stone so to speak. Mike wrote lyrics for, and demoed out the songs of the new album for the band.
Mike was set to take over the vocal spot for “Dark IV”, however an other singer auditioned for the vocal spot and it was decided to go with him. Mike also agreed the other singer was better for the vocal spot. This combined with Mike being preoccupied with his own project was indeed the best choice for the band. But a big hearty thank you to Mike, without your work we would not be so far as we are today!

As a mentioned above after many candidates for the vocal spot“Dark IV” found the right man that instantly convinced them that wait was worth while. A big hearty welcome to “Benjamin Silver “who is now the new lead singer standing behind the microphone of” Dark IV”. In context we would like to thank all the singers that auditioned who gave their best!

We are happy to present to you today the first song from the new album "Something Wicked This Way Comes" in demo form. It will give you an idea of how the new material will sound. We are working "FULL STEAM" with the recordings for “Chapter III”, and expect a realese in the first few months of 2010. We'll of course keep you updated on everything that is
going on with the band and we welcome your feedback on the new demo.

See you soon!

Dark IV


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