Good day to you all Metalheads

As some of you know I've been featuring a song from a myspace unsigned band friend of mine for the past three weeks, But I had never announced it. Then I thought, well, why not? If memory serves, I had Ed Mehrzad (shredder from Canada) two weeks ago, and STORMENTAL (Power Prog Metal from Brazil) all of last week. Check both of them out. YOU TOO WILL WONDER WHY "STORMENTAL" WASN'T IN ProgPower THIS YEAR. Let's get them there!

This week I'd like to feature a fine German band called DARK IV. Whereas a lot of band these days site Iron Maiden as their main influence, I believe that Dark IV is one band that I have encountered so far that actually SOUNDS like Maiden. The melodies, the harmonies, the power chord arrangements reminds one of numbers arranged by Adrian Smith, and some of the time changes sound 'dead on' like Maiden. Mark's vocals are great, but I wager if you take Antony from Machine Men and plug him into Dark IV, you won't know that you are NOT listening to Iron Maiden! In other words, Dark IV is making music that Maiden never got a chance to make. The pressure is on now guys ;) !!!

My main feature for the week can easily be found at the top of my Friends Space, so visit my site and let me know howyou like this thing I've started and then go on to Dark IV !

As a little endorsement, I just had a message from DJ Metal Mike saying that he enjoyed the music on my site! That is awsome man! Thanks a lot Metal Mike ;D

I urge all of you to check out Dark IV's site and show your support for them and their very excellent music buy sending them a friend request and adding them to your top friends' list for at least this one week. And of course, stay tuned for more great bands to be featured every week on Datis' Cyber House of METAL.

Your fan and friend,


Dark IV Weiss - 4